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The Hittite texts also mention Lawazantiya under those names : Lahuwazantiya, Lauwanzantiya or Lahuzzandiya. The city is often in religious texts: for example, the father of the wife of Hattusili III was a priest of Ishtar of Lawazantiya at Kizzuwatna. A big feast took place there. It lasted at least 5 days. It concerned Ishtar but also Tesub and Hepat deities.

A tablet from Ugarit, RS 18040, evokes Lawazantiya under the Lwsnd form.

In the Assyrian annals during the early 1st millennium BC, the city is spelled "Lusanda" and located in the country of Quwe. The city has especially been submitted by Salmanazar together with Kisuatni and Abarsani.

However, that place name should be distinguished from the Luhuzattiya of the Assyrian merchants.

Lawazantiya would be the site of Sirkeli Höyük. Archaeological excavations have shown that the tell was inhabited continuously from 5000 BC to the Hellenistic period. It is located 40 km east of the city of Adana where the Ceyhan river runs into the mountain Misis, Nur Dağ in Turkish language. The site is one of the largest mounds in Cilicia. It measures 300 m by 400 m, 30 m high.

Not far away, many Hittite inscriptions were found. One of a Hittite king :

Another is at Kizildere, 5 km east of Misis, dating from the 5th or 6th century AD. It marked the boundary between Kirkoteis at the west and Loandos at the east. It had been reconciled with the site Sirkeli Höyük : Lusanda or Lawazantiya are very close phonetically to Loandos.


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My notes of veracity :

Lawazantiya, Lahuwazantiya, Lauwanzantiya, Lahuzzandiya are different spellings of the name of the Hittite site Sirkeli Höyük: 3/5

Luhuzattiya is the name give by the merchants of Assur to the Site Sirkeli Höyük: 2/5

Lusanda is the Assyrian name of the site Sirkeli Höyük: 3/5

Loandos is the Greek name of the site Sirkeli Höyük: 3/5

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