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Ikkuwaniya is mentioned by Telepinu, from the middle of the second millennium BC, as a grain warehouse city.

Later, the town appears in the treaty defining the borders of Tarhuntassa. It was located near the «Tarhuntassa country» and the country of the «Hulaya river » but dependent on Hatti. It was part of the Pitassa.

The specialists agree to identify the Hulaya River to the Carsamba Su, which descends from the depression of the Beysehir and goes via the Sugla Gölü, to the plains of Konya. Also the identification of Ikkuwaniya, with Ikonion known by biblical sources and the modern Konya is more than likely.

Ikonion, or Iconium, was part of Pisidia during the 4th century BC, then it became the capital of the Lykaonie to 370 AD.

Specifically the ancient town of Konya is the site of Tepe Alaeddin. This is an artificial mountain in the city center, 450 x 350 meters long and 20 meters high.

An archaeological survey has dated the first occupations from the Chalcolithic. During the early Bronze Age, 3000 BC, the site was a small village.





My notes of veracity :

Ikkuwaniya is the Hittite name of the city of Konya, called Ikonion early AD: 4/5

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