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In the Hattusa archives, Izziya appears in a votive text in relation to the sea (KUB 56.15), as a city of Kizzuwatna. This same town was mentioned in letters found on the Tell Afis, in Hittite and in Akkadian, about a sick queen.

The city of Zisi is one of the seven fortresses, and commercial places, which Idrimi, king of Alalakh, conquered after shipments to the country of Hatti.

Sidnay Smith author of "The Statue of Idrimi" has positioned, for sure, Zisi to Sis, a port along the Mediterranean coast. He is followed by Olivier Casabonne, who situated Zisi to Issos. Both authors refer to the fact that during the 7th century BC, an Assyrian king faced a coalition of Abdimilkutti of Sidon and of Sanduarri of Kundi and Sizzu.

Kinet Hoyuk is the tell of this ancient city of Issus, near the modern city of İskenderun, Turkey.

This is a place of a famous battle of Alexander the Great, in November 333 BC. The Macedonian army there won a decisive victory over the Persian army of Darius III.

The archaeological excavations show a continuous human occupation from the 3rd millennium BC to the Crusades.





My notes of veracity :

Issos is the Greek name of the site of Kinet Hoyuk: 5/5

During the 2nd millennium BC, Izziya is the Hittite name of the site of Kinet Hoyuk: 3/5

During the 2nd millennium BCE, Zisi is the Akkadian name of the site of Kinet Hoyuk: 3/5

During the first millennium BC, Sizzu is the Assyrian name of the site Kinet Hoyuk: 3/5

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