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The Tapikka tablets, found at Masat Höyük, mention the nearby towns of Gagadduwa, Zapishuna, Isteruwa and Anziliya.

Murawa, a man of Gagadduwa, is known to have failed in the fight against the Gasgas, especially because he showed too much compassion with people amongwith he was borned. For a delivery of this man without delay to the King, an ultimatum was addressed to General Kassu.

Gagonda is phonetically very close to Gagadduwa. It appears on the Tabula Peutingeriana, between Comana and Pontic Nikopolis further east.

According to Franz Cumont, a Belgian traveler in this region around 1900, the old city is the town Almus, northeast of Tokat. In "Studia Pontica" he described the Roman road from the Pontic Comana to Nikopolis « It followed the Iris, but upstream of Comana, the river describes a curve to the north so narrow that it is not possible to pass thru on horseback. There is a more direct way, by a gentle slope through Mamou (where ancient remains were seen), then down, also by a moderate slope on Almus, which would be the Gagonda of the Peutinger Table ».





My notes of veracity :

The classic Gagonda was called Gagadduwa during the Bronze Age: 4/5

The classic Gagonda is the present city Almus: 3/5

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