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Sagalassos is an archaeological site of mountain, at 1500m altitude, near the modern cities of Aglasun and Isparta, at the southwest of the Anatolian lakes. The good preservation of the ruins explains the important archaeological resources that were deployed in 1990 under the direction of Marc Waelkens University of Leuven.

Under Roman rule, Sagalassos was one of the main cities of Pisidia, in the center of an extremely fertile territory, with excess production of cereals and olives. In the 11th century AD, a local bishop Sagalassos is presented himself as "the bishop of Agalassu".

Recent work at Tepe Düzen confirm an anteriority to be dated:

Salahsuwa appears 25 times in the texts of the Assyrian merchants of Kanes.

The same place name is mentioned in the annals of Hattusili I, in a campaign against Arzawa : « After Ninassa (classical Nanassos) opened its doors without a fight, the Ulma people (Walma referred to the western border Tarhuntassa countries) gives two battles before being defeated, seven images of gods are brought into the temple of Arinna (Xanthos). The king finished the season by walking against Salahsuwa where he enslaves people ».

We can only note that this is an end route which was also used by Alexander the Great 1,200 years later: After conquering Pinara, when he was not able to defeat the city of Termessos, Alexander the Great had taken revenge on the city of Sagalassos.

In the pronunciation of the name of the city the presence of an "h" in the name early in the second millennium BC eliminates "Salawassa". Then, as in many other names, there is a reversal of two syllables and a transformation of "h" in "g".

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My notes of veracity :

Sagalassos was called Salahsuwa by Assyrian merchants and under the Ancient Hittite Empire: 3/5

Sagalassos was called Salawassa under the New Empire Hittite: 2/5

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