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In Anatolia, Nahita is now accepted as being the classic Nagidos. However, some researchers rather inclined to Nigde.

Under Hattusili III, some debris of annals relate conflicts with the country of Lukka. The names mentioned in a second offensive, indicate that the country had been abandoned to men of Lukka: Walma, Wattaruwa, ..., ..., Nahita, Sallusa, ..., Sanhata, Surimma, ..., Walwra, Hawaliya, ..., Inassa.

Note that many names on this list are ports documented in this blog. Also, it is more logical to prefer a reconciliation of Nahita with Nagidos. In the texts of Ugarit, the city is called Naghatu.

The Greco-Roman city was located on a hill in the town of the present Bozyazi in the province of Mersin, at the mouth of a river : “Sini Cay”. A small island opposite the ancient site was called Nagidoussa.

The site was excavated during 1998-2002 by a team from the University of Mersin led by Prof. Dr. Serra. The results were published by Serra Durugonal under "Nagidos: Results of an Excavation in an Ancient City in Rough Cilicia." They show the existence of the city in the 7th century BCE.

I think the oldest part of the city is on the island of Nagidoussa, on which stands the ruins of a fortress.

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My notes of veracity :

The classic Nagidos is situated at Bozyazi: 5/5

The classic Nagidos was called Nahita by the Hittites: 3/5

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