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The country Kammama is often mentioned in the Hattusa archives related to the revolts of Gasgas, it was located at the border of the countries of the Hittites and of the Gasgas.

Kammama was defeated by Mursili II. Letters were written at Kammama by Hanikkuili, a scribe who was Mesopotamian origin.

The couriers of Sapinuwa also evoke this city with those of Iskamaha, Palhuisa, Galzana and the Zuliya river. It is this point, but also the phonetic proximity which leads me to propose the two locations below:

1. Pontic Comana. Strabo has informed us that this city was a religious sanctuary with ceremonies similar to those of his namesake Cappadocian, dedicated to the goddess Ma. The sanctuary would have a large population during the ancient times and has practiced sacred prostitution. Today it is a tell, called Hamamtepe, a few kilometers northeast of Tokat, near the classic Iris, the current Yeşilırmak, Turkey, in the municipality of Gömenek. The city is also known as the Hierocaesareia.

Comana is perhaps a corruption of the Hittite name "Kammama" which would have occurred between the 2nd and 1st millennium BC. In this case, the Hittite city was probably a little higher up, in the municipality of Bakimli named "Mamudin" at the beginning of last century. In "Studia Pontica" Franz Cumont, a Belgian traveler to the area in 1900, called this village "Mamou". Near the tell of Gömenek he saw ancient remains. (See Gagadduwa).

2. Hamamözü, on the village of Hidirlar, further north but in the same region. This city has two tells called "Parali Tepe" which show an occupation from Chalcolithic to the early Bronze Age. Hamamözü is phonetically a really close name "Kammama".

Both assumptions are équal.

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My notes of veracity :

The Pontic Comana was the site of Gömenek, near Tokat: 5/5

During the Bronze Age, Kammama was the name of the Pontic Comana: 2.5 / 5

During the Bronze Age, Kammama was a tell near Hamamözü: 2.5 / 5

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