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According to the Swiss archaeologists who work on the archaeological sites of the Kerma region, Doukki Gel is an Egyptian city founded after the destruction of Kerma, during the beginnings of the New Egyptian Empire.

The temples of the city have provided extensive documentation on a god Amun "resident of Pnubs" or "Master of Pnubs".

In 2003 Charles Bonnet discovered on this site seven statues of black Pharaohs, including that of Taharqa. Each statue has a reference to "Amon of Pnubs". This is a serious indication on the old site name.

However, at Dakka near Aswan, it was also found a reference to a god "Thot of Pnubs".

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My notes of veracity :

In Sudan, Doukki Gel is the ancient city of Pnubs: 3/5

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