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The current name of the town of Eregli is a distortion of Heraclea. During the Hellenistic period, the city was known under the name of Heraclea Kybistra.

Only phonetic allows to says that this city of Kybistra is the Hittite town Hupisna, or Hubisna. This city designation was found in the tablets of the merchands of Kanes, from the late third millennium BC.

Some texts from Hattusa evoke this city:

  • First the Edict of Telepinus : "In Hupisna, in Tawanuwa, Nenassa, Landa, Zallara, Parsuhanta, Lusna; this countries, the Tabarna governed them and the great cities were placed in his grasp. ";

  • The king Labarna 1st had installed his son to Ninasa and Hupisna, near Ussa;

  • The mount Sarlaimmi is a sacred mountain often invoked in the town of Hupisna, and positioned in the Treaties describing the borders with the Kingdom of Tarhuntassa;

  • In KUB III 67, the pharaoh Ramses II claimed to Kuranta king of Tarhuntassa, the sending of men of the city of Hupisna. This shows that this town belonged to this kingdom.

At the beginning of the first millennium BC, the Assyrian annals mention Hubisna or Kubishna as an important region of the kingdom of Quwe.

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My notes of veracity :

Huspina, Hupisna or Hubisna are different pronunciations of the Hittite city of Kybistra: 3/5

Héraclée Kybistra is the name of the beginning of our era of the present town of Eregli: 4/5

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