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In Egypt, in the Fayum, near the town of Biyahmu were two huge seated statues of Amenemhat III. According to the study that follows, during the Bronze Age, the environment of the region was different from today:

Herodotus, in the second volume of his investigation, accurately describes this place: every statue was at the top of a pyramid. And the two monuments were floating on the water. He attributes them to a sovereign named Moeris which bears the same name as the lake he calls artificial (we now know that this is a natural depression) located south of Fayum. He says he saw it was done by the hand of man, fed by the Nile six months a year and flowing to the Nile during the remaining six months.

Here is a digital reconstruction of the site as it was in ancient times:

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My notes of veracity :

The lake Moeris has occupied the southern of the Fayum during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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