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In the archives of Hattusa, Walwara mainly appears in two treaties that define borders of Tarhuntassa. While in CTH 106, the southern border of Tarhuntassa is defined only by a sentence "towards the enemy country : Walwara and various dependencies". In Bo 86/299, a precision effort was made, Walwara is "Towards Hawaliya".

In the first treaty Walwara, Mata, Sanhata, Surimma, Tatassi and Saranduwa are on the edge of an enemy country. Those cities are also mentioned together in the second treaty, but they are simply indicated as toward the sea.

Under Hattusili III Walwara is with Hawaliya, in a list of cities in conflict with the country of Lukka. The towns abandoned to the men of Lukka in a second offensive are mostly places near the sea, common to the border towns of Tarhuntassa: Walma, Wattaruwa, ..., ..., Nahita, Sallusa, ..., Sanhata , Surimma, ..., Walwra, Hawaliya, ..., Inassa.

The place name "Walwara" is phoneticaly near of “Alara” which is a coastal river to the south coast of Turkey, east of Antalya. Further upstream is a Seljuk caravanserai of the 13th century, topped by a ruin fortress accessible by a tunnel of 120 steps. If the dating of the caravanserai is no doubt, that of the castle at the top seems earlier.

Video of Alara and Alarahan

Alawari or Alauwa of the tablets of Alalakh designates this same place, mentioned about a conflict between Niqmepa and Sunassura of Kizzuwatna. Researchers believe that this place name is the ancient Aliaria near Islahiye, also in Turkey, without certainty. The fortress Alara seems more likely, although there is no confirmation by archeology.





My notes of veracity :

Walwara was the old fortress on the Alara River: 3/5

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