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Wah-Sut is an Egyptian town of the late Middle Kingdom, which lasted about 200 years. It assured the administration of the funeral cult of Sesostris III : she hosted artisans and nobles who built the pharaoh funeral complex, near Abydos. The full name of the city was "Wah-Sut-Khakaure-maâ kheru-en Abdju" which means "the foundations of Sesostris III, justified, in Abydos, are sustainable." An American team of Pennsylvania-Yale, led by Josef Wegner, has discovered a carefully planned city of about 5 hectares and many seals. Among them, those of monarchs Kau el Kebir and El Bersheh raise the question of the role and independence of the regions of the late Middle Kingdom.

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My notes of veracity :

Wah-Sut was the name of the city of the funerary complex of Sesostris III: 4/5

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