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According to the archives of Hattusa, Tuwanuwa seems to be the Hittite town called Tyana at the greco-romaine period.

This city saw the birth of Apollonius of Tyana at the beginning of our era. The Greek mythology considered that the city of Tyana was founded by a Thracian king, Thoas, hence its name Thoana. It still mentioned after 272 AD, when it was renamed Antoniana colonia Tyana by Caracalla. Allied with Queen Zenobia of Palmyra, it was taken by Aurélien who did not allow his soldiers to plunder it.

The town was strategically located on the road between Hatti and Syria passing through the Cilician Gates. Its traces are on the current Kemerhisar town, close to Bor in Cappadocia:

Tawanuwa is mentioned in the Edict of Telepinus “At Hupisna, at Tawanuwa, Nenassa, Landa, Zallara, Parsuhanta, Lusna; the countries, the Tabarna had governed them and the great cities were placed in his grasp”. This text mentions the most important cities of the time.

Later, the town was the scene of a war under Suppiluliama.

Among the letters found in Armarna, Egypt, EA298 and EA306 of a man of Gazru evoke a city called Tianna in war against "Muhhazu". Most experts consider it as a namesake city to the current land of Israel and Gazru as the biblical Gezer. But we can also understand that these were wars of Suppiluliama to the south coast of Anatolia : that Mahhazu is a distortion of Mukish and Gazru is another city of the country Tarhuntassa towards Ussa, written Kasuriya or Hazaruwa in the archives of Hattusa.

But this city of Tawanuwa was it part of the country of Tarhuntassa? It may be designated Dunna in the Treaty CTH106. It says at the end of the description of the borders of Tarhuntassa that in this city a simple shrine dedicated to the god of the storm belongs to the King of Tarhuntassa.

Assyrian annals of the early 1st millennium BC evoke several different cities of similar names: Atuna or Tuna, but also Tuhana or Tanahum.

Around 730 BC, the towns of the country of Quwe were Sam'al, Tabal, Tuna, Tuhana, Ishtunda and Hubishna. In 709 BCE, a few villages of Bit-Burutash were transferred to the men of the city of Atuna or Tuna.

Perhaps there was confusion between Tyana and Adana. A third city, with the name of Dunnna or Tuna, had perhaps existed in the same region.

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Tyana was called Tuwanuwa during the Bronze Age : 4/5

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