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Ain Sukhna in Egypt is located on the western shore of the golf of Suez, 120 km east of Cairo. Archaeological research conducted there since 2001 by a joint team from the French Institute of Archaeology and the University of Paris-Sorbonne. They show an occupation during a thousand years : from the Old Kingdom to the New Kingdom. Two boats, 13 to 14 m long, were found in caves, as well as traces of destruction by fire of other ships.

Two inscriptions mention Kbnt-boats (certified as being a type of boat of Byblos), the Djedkare-Isesi Pharaoh, and a noble, Sed-Hetepi, who is author of a writing in Wadi Maghara in the Sinai Peninsula. In the latter appears the destination of "Htiw Mfkt" or "Hetiu Mafekt" which seems designates the Sinai Peninsula. It means "the terraces of the Turquoise".

In the Sinai, at Serabit el-Khadim, was found a small stele also evokes "Hthr, nbt Mfkt", "Hathor, goddess of Mafekt".

These findings clearly show that the Egyptians, during their three empires, knew the navigation on the seas.

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My notes of veracity :

The Sinai Peninsula was called Hetiw Mafekt in hieroglyphics: 3/5

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