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In the Amarna letters, Sigata is often mentioned with Ampi. These are two ports near one to another. EA76 is a letter from Rib-Hadda to Pharaoh, "Who is Abdi-Ashirta, the dog, who dares to take all the towns of the King for himself? Is it the king of Mitanna, or the king of Kassu? He comes to gather all the Apiru against Sigata and Ampi. He took the two cities. [...] For years the archers patrolling the country, yet now the country's king and Sumur, your garrison town have joined the Apiru, and you do not sending archers".

The extensive series of letters sent by Rib-Hadda to Pharaoh show that Sigata and Ampi, before Sumur, are the first port cities taken by Abdi-ASirta.

I think that the place name of Ziggasta, described as a city of Kizzuwatna in the letters found in the former Tapikka, refers to that city. The letters in question are exchanges with the great priest Kantuzzili of about 20 warriors who had been sent to Ziggasta to defend this advanced position of Kizzuwatna. The high priest needed them because the resort was facing the Gasgas.

In the archives of Hattusa, Sahita appears in an annex to Bo 86/299 which describing the borders of Tarhuntassa. This is a list of the towns that were given without their inhabitants "Anta and its deserts institutions, cities of Lahhiwayassi, Wastissa, Hadduwassa, Handawa, Daganza, Simmuwa and Sahita".

In the tablets Alalakh, the city is probably called Sakutti.

It is possible that this port city is the classic Side, near Antalya, in line with my proposal location of Sumur. Archaeological excavations have shown that this port was active from the middle of the 2nd millennium BC, and the place name "Simmuwa" near Sahita in Bo 86/299 in the list above is probably the village of Simena.

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My notes of veracity :

Sigata of the Amarna letters was called Sahita or Ziggasta by the Hittites: 3/5

Sigata of the Amarna letters was the classic Side: 2.5/5

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