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In his annals, during the 7th century BC, Ashurbanipal mentions, among the kings of Egypt, Pakruru king of Pisaptu. The merger with "Per-Sopdu" of the hieroglyphics phonetically is rather obvious. This is one of the cities east of the Delta, which was honored the patron god of the borders : Sopdu.

Built by Ramses II, the Sopdu temple was found by Edouard Naville in 1885 in the municipality of Saft el Henneh or Tall Saft al-Hinnah.

The name of Per-Sopdu is attested during the reign of Piankhi of the 31st Dynasty. The city is listed on the stele depicting his victories over the northern cities of Egypt.

A statue of the Metropolitan Museum, dated to the reign of Nectanebo I, was probably found this site:

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My notes of veracity :

Per-Sopdw or Pisaptu, was located at Tall al-Saft Hinnah: 3/5

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