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The ancient port of Mersa Gawasis on the Red Sea, was discovered by the Egyptian archaeologist Abdel-Moneim Sayed. The Egyptian site is located 25 km south of Safaga. It would have been identified at the Roman port of Philoteras / Aenum by George W. Murray in 1920.

Excavations have identified, in caves adjacent to a former bay of the Red Sea, pieces of ships in wood : acacia and cedar. There was a temporary activity of disassembly and of maintenance of parts for ships using copper tools, mainly dated from the Middle Kingdom. Under Sesostris 1, an expedition had incorporated 3500 people. The vessels were between 20 and 30 m long.

Some steles and small shrines are engraved with hieroglyphics. There, appear the names from Sésostris to Amenemhat IV, demonstrating the use of the port during 200 years under the 12th dynasty of pharaohs, but also, probably, dice the Old Kingdom. Punt, Bia-Punt and Bia-n-Punt there appear the favorite destinations. A small shrine of Ankhu, servant of Sesostris I, evokes "Sauu". The same word was also found on a stele, showing the probable ancient name of this port: Saww or Sww.

These findings clearly show that the Egyptians, at least in the Middle Kingdom, knew the navigation on the seas.

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My notes of veracity :

Mersa Gawasis was the ancient city of Saw: 3/5

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