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El Medamud is a contemporary city in Egypt located less than 10 km at the north of Karnak. In this city, during the Greco-Roman period, there was a temple of Montu, renowned, in which oracles were delivered by a bull.

Dominique Valbelle reported that at the time of Amenemhat 1st, Montu was called Armant bull comes out of Tod, but at the time of Sesostris III, Montu is one that resides Medamud. She noted that in the Temple of Montu at Medamud, F. Bisson de la Roque discovered eight golden statues in limestone, with four representing the god Montu bucéphale and four with that of the Rattawy goddess. All four couples had tied the cities of Tod, Armant, Thebes and Medamud.

Medamud has that city name since the Middle Kingdom.

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My notes of veracity :

Medamud has that name since at least the Middle Kingdom: 5/5

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