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Kelenderis or Celenderis is a certified Byzantine name for the modern Aydıncık port on the south coast of Turkey. The current name dates from 1965. Previously the city was Gilindire by deformation of the Byzantine name of Kelenderis.

The mythology says that Kelenderis was founded in the second millennium BC by Sandakos, a Phoenician who came from Syria. The city was deemed to have been colonized and developed by the Ionians.

In the Hellenistic period, it was allied to the Ptolemies of Egypt.

Archaeological excavations conducted by Levent Zoroğlu of Selçuk University since 1987, showed that at the Acropolis, the earliest layer dates from the 8th century BC. A fragment of bronze revealed that Kelenderis then called Saranduwa.

However, it is likely that the ancient Hittite city is not the modern city, but a very close location: on the island in front, on which ancient relics exist, or at a place called Selindi by travelers of the last century, which seems phonetically closer of Saranduwa.

The texts found in Hattusa mention such a name, or a toponym approaching, Sariyanda, Saranduwa or Suruta :

  • Saranduwa appears among the border cities of Tarhuntassa;
  • At the time of King Tuthaliya, CTH142 shows a list of towns which supported the king of Arzawa : Sariyanda, S / Parmana, Uliwanda …





My notes of veracity :

Kelenderis was called Suruda, Saranduwa or Sariyanda under the Hittites : 3/5

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