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The Hittite text KUB XX 52 described a procession in Kizzuwatna through the cities of Zunnahara, Adaniya, Tarsa and Ellipra.

In other texts, Alluprata or Allubrata appears as border city of the country of Tarhuntassa, towards Walma.

In the archives of Ugarit, the city is called Abratu or Apratu.

In the Assyrian archives of the early first millennium, the city would be identified by the name of Illubru. In 696, Sennacherib of Assyria had erected symbols in the rebellious city of Illubru dependent of Hilakku.

The coastal river of Lipari got its name from this city. Phonetically, Lampron is the name that is closest of the denominations coming from Ugarit and Hattusa. In this naturally fortified place, with the borders are impassable cliffs, stands a Byzantine fortress. Many traces of fossil occupations adorn the walls and show that the site was already occupied a long time ago.

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My notes of veracity :

In the 2nd millennium BC, Alluprata, Allubrata or Ellipra were different Hittite names of the fortress of Lampron: 3/5

In the 2nd millennium BC, Abratu of Apratu was the Ugarit name of the fortress of Lampron: 3/5

In the first millennium BC, Illubru was the Assyrian name of the fortress of Lampron: 3/5

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