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The ancient site of Oenoanda or Oinoanda, near the present city of Seki, is located high in the mountains in southwest of Turkey, in the ancient Greco-Roman province of Lycia, Kabalis region, not far from the beginning ot the Xanthos river.

Oenoanda is best known for a giant inscription that stretched over 80 meters. Its author was Diogenes of Oenoanda, a Greek living during the 2nd century AD, who engraved a summary of the philosophy of Epicurus on a wall of his town.

3500 years ago, some Hittite tablets evoke the city of Wiyanawanda. The name means "wine country" in Indo-European language. The town is mentioned on the border of the country of Mira. A spring festival was celebrated on behalf of two local gods.

Wiyanawanda appears in the testament of the great Sahurunuwa shepherd for his son and his grandchildren. He owned a farm. Today this man is considered to be physically different from Sahurunuwa the king of Carchemish. But his seal was found on the site of Ugarit, an open port on the Mediterranean sea.

It is the so-called registration of Yalburt, discovered in 1970 near Ilgin, northwest of Konya, which allowed a good recovery of the names of the major cities of Lukka. Indeed, this annal recounts the victory of the last Tuthaliya against the country of Lukka. Wiyanawanda is the first town mentioned. The king would have parked a hundred chariots. In this story, appear also the cities of Luwanda, Pinata, Awarna, Talawa, Patara which undoubtedly correspond to the Greco-Roman Luanda, Pinara, Xanthos, Tlos and Patara.

An inscription called the "Südburg", found on a wall of Hattusa, attributed to Suppiluliyama II, evokes a number of countries which were conquered by his ancestor Suppiluliuma I. Those countries are identified, through the name of their capitals : Wiyanawanda appears alongside Tamina, Masa, Luka and Ikuna. This shows that the city had become more important towards the end of the Hittite Empire, positioning itself as a capital.





My notes of veracity :

Oenoanda of Lycian was the ancient Wiyanawanda of the Hittites : 4/5

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