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Soloi at the beginning of our era, was located eleven kilometers from the present Turkish city of Mersin. Pompeipolis was the Mediterranean port city of Soloi.

A Turkish team has done archaeological excavations between 1999 and 2005:

The detailed reports show a Hittite occupation between the 15th and 13th century BC: in particular a scarab of the period of Tuthmosis III and seals on behalf of Targasna. The findings show that the port made trading with the central Anatolia, Cyprus and Egypt.

Many researchers saw the Hittite city of Saliya in the mountains of the Atlas, as it is a well recognized city in the Pyles Cilician in the archives of Hattusa:

  • CTH 142 mentions two names, Saliya and the Limiya River, as being the first places traversed by the Great King Thutaliya II;
  • Saliya appears with Pudawanda (classical Podandus currently Pozanti), two cities with parks for livestock of the great mountain, in the testament of the great Sahurunuwa shepherd;
  • Finally, this is the only city in both in the description of the boundaries of Tarhuntassa and the boundaries of Kizzuwatna, but, each time, it belongs to the Hittite country. With the coastal river Limiya, it formed the westernmost border of Kizzuwatna. In treaties defining the boundaries of Tarhuntassa, the city of Saliya appears after Mount Sarlaimmi, and towards the High Mountain. As most experts recognize the Ivriz Dag, a link of the Taurus, in the Mount Sarlaimmi. The High Mountain would be the Bolkar Dag.


The phonetic reconciliation of Saliya and Soloi is obvious. The latest archaeological excavations have convinced more and more historians.

Note that the city of Saliya completes the description of the western boundary of Tarhuntassa with the Hatti: The country of Tarhuntassa seems to haven't any border with the Kizzuwatna. The hittites had access to the Mediterranean Sea at this place : the city of Saliya.


At the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, the city of Soli is mentioned in Assyrian archives as part of the kingdom of Quwe, being attached to the country of Hilakku.


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My notes of veracity :

Soli Pompeiopolis was called Saliya by the Hittites during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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