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According to Manetho, Xois was the city of the 76 kings of the 14th dynasty of Egypt, who reigned before the Hyksos of the second interim period.

Strabo said that Xois was in the nome Sebennytic in the interior, but upstream of Sebennytic and Phathmétique mouths. The Greek geographer had noted that the name was that of both an island and a town.

Jean-François Champollion has positioned it towards the current Sakha, a dozen kilomères northwest of Sebennytos, and noticing that the local pronunciation of the Copts of this city were "Skhôou".

It is recognized that Xois is the Greek name of the city written "Khasouou" or "Khasout" in hieroglyphics. It was first mentioned during the Old Kingdom, by an officer named Metjen under the reign of King Sneferu, first ruler of the 4th Dynasty. It was the main city of the 6th nome of Lower Egypt.

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My notes of veracity :

Xois is the Greek name of the present city of Sakha: 4/5

Khasout is the ancient hieroglyphic name of the present city of Sakha: 3/5

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