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During the last centuries of the Bronze Age, in the Hittites tablets found in Hattusa, the Treaty Bo 86/299 which sets the boundaries of the kingdom of Tarhuntassa, a town that borders the sea is called Hawaliya.

Under Hattusili III, some debris of annals mention conflicts with the country of Lukka. The names mentioned are Hawaliya, Nata, Parha, Hauhassuwanda [...] idawanda, Utima, Wasuwatta and Haurputtawanna. A second battle shows that countries had been abandoned to men of Lukka: Walma, Wattaruwa, ..., ..., Nahita, Sallusa, ..., Sanhata, Surimma, ..., Walwra, Hawaliya, ..., Inassa.


In the Amarna letters, EA104 and EA114, Wahliya is mentioned twice:

EA104 "Message of Rib-Hadda : let the king know that Pu-Bahla, the son of Abdi-Asirta, holds Ullassa. They have Ardata, Wahliya, Ampi and Sigata. All cities are theirs. So the king may send an auxiliary force to Sumur [...] If you do nothing, then they certainly will take Sumur, and kill the Commissioner and the auxiliary force in Sumur. What should I do? I can not go myself to Sumur; the cities of AmpiSigata, Ullassa, Erwada are warring against me."

EA114 "Aziru is at war against me. It took over 12 of my men and the ransom price is set 50 shekels of silver. They were men I had in Sumur which he grabbed. In Wahliya are vessels of men of Tyre, Beirut and Sidon. Everyone in the country of Amurru is at peace with them, I am the enemy [...] Requests Amanmassa : it's by Alasiya that I have sent him to thee!".

This post inspired the following comments:

1. About Wahliya, Rib-Hadda seems to emphasize an unusual fact: the presence of vessels from several sources at the same port. This means, no doubt, that this was not the case that was in use before. Maybe each country had its own maritime ports along the Levant and along Anatolia.

2. According to EA 113, Amanmassa was an Egyptian who accompanied Rib-Hadda during a trip to Sumur and served as messager to Egypt. At the end of the letter EA114, Rib-Hadda asked the pharaoh to question the messenger on his return trip: unlike the usual cabotage steps along the southern coast of Anatolia from west to east, then from north to south Levant, he has exceptionally send his ship by Cyprus. This shows that the mentioned cities, including those of Wahliya and Sumur are situated to the north of Cyprus.


The modern Alanya, in the middle of the southern coast of Anatolia, on a peninsula formerly known "Alaiye" or "Alaya", is the most likely site.





My notes of veracity :

The Hittite city of Hawaliya is designated Waliyha in the Amarna letters: 4/5

The Hittite city of Hawaliya is the present town of Alanya: 3/5

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