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For those who do research on Internet, it is important to consider the different spellings of this country : Nuhasse, Nukasse, Nukhash, Nukhashe, Noukhashe or Noukhashshe. In this blog, I chose to spell this place name "Nuhasse".

This country is mentioned in the archives of Ebla and therefore it existed from the late 3rd millennium BCE. For some researchers, we should rather read the name of the country "Marhasse", which corresponds to the current area of Kahramanmaras.

For others it is an area between Aleppo, Euphrates and the Orontes valley.

The nearest neighbors, often found together, was the Mukis and Niya.

The history of Nuhasse has evolved following recent tablets discovered during the excavations of the Tell Mishrife, the ancient Qatna. These writings were called "Archives of Idanda." They evoke local relationships under threat of an imminent invasion, which today is considered the Hittites ones.

Historians have questioned whether if the city of Qatna was part of Nuhasse. There are no conclusion, or rather, the answer depends on the material time:

Adad-Nirari, also identified by tablets of the temple of Qatna, is the author of the letter EA51 of Amarna for a Pharaoh of Egypt: "When Manahpiya, the king of Egypt, your ancestor, establishes Taku, my ancestor, the King of Nuhasse, he has put oil on his head [...]." Also, before the invasion of the Hittites, researchers propose a country Nuhasse, with the king Adad-Nirari at his head, organized into three parts: Qatna, Nuhasse and Ukulzat. Adad-Nirari would be contemporary of three other minor kings under his authority : Idanda at Qatna, Sarrupsi at Nuhašše and Takibsarri at Ukulzat. After the invasion of the Hittites, Suppiluliuma seems to have divided the country considering only Qatna in one hand and on the other hand the Nuhasse with Ukulzat as its capital. Indeed, a tablet of Hattusa gives Ukulzat as the capital of Nuhasse : « I conquered all the territory of Nuhasse. Sarrupsi was gone, but I was capturing his mother, his brothers and his son. I moved them in Hatti and I have put Takibsarri a subject of Sarrupsi as king of the city of Ukulzat ». Sarrupsi was the king of Nuhasse who had called the king of Hatti. The first intervention of Suppiluliama in northern Syria was done at his request.

There are many Qatna kings contemporary of Suppiluliama: Akizzi, author of the Amarna letters EA52 to EA55 and Tette the Habiru, are two kings who have reigned after. The Idanda tablets can refer to another period, although RS 17,227 of Ugarit mentions several Nuhasse king. The translations are inconclusive.

Sinzar and Qidsu (Kadesh) were two other nearby towns, or associated to the Nuhasse.

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My notes of veracity :

The Nuhasse was an ancient country of present Syria, between the Euphrates and the Orontes: 3/5

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