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In the present country of Iran, forty kilometers southeast of Susa, Choga Zanbil (or Tchogha Zanbil) is an archaeological complex with a massive ziggurat now restored.

The ruins of Choga Zanbil were excavated by a French mission led by Roman Ghirshman from 1951 to 1962. The site is a World Heritage of UNESCO. The objects found at the site of Choga Zanbil, with the name of Untash-Napirisha, leave no doubt about the founder of the city.

Here an ax stored in the Louvre:

Dur-Untash-Napirisha means "Fortress of Untash-Napirisha". This is a "new city", founded in the 14th century BC by the king of Elam of the dynasty Igehalkides. This king, sometimes written Untash-Naparisha or Ountash-Napirisha, married a daughter of Burna-Buriash king of Babylon.

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My notes of veracity :

The archaeological complex of Choga Zanbil was called Dur-Untash-Napirisha: 4/5

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