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During the 14th century BC, in EA53, a letter found at Amarna, the king of Qatna, Akizzi, wrote: "My lord, as I like the Pharaoh, as well as the King of Nuhasse, the King of Niya, the King of Zinzar and the King of Tunanab, all these kings are faithful servants of Pharaoh."

Some texts of Ugarit (including RS 18.02) evoke a priest of Istar of Zinzaru.

Many researchers have made the connection between Zinzaru / Zinzar and Shaizar, a fortress-city on the Orontes encountered by the Crusaders in the 11th century AD.

Its Greek name was Larissa related to the installation of veterans from Larissa in Thessaly.

During the Crusades, the city was an imposing fortress, known to the Latin world as written Shaizar or Shayzar, and in Syria under the name of Qal`at Shayzar, name now in use.

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My notes of veracity :

Sinzar, Zinzar or Zinzaru was the fortress Shayzar on the Orontes, the current Qal'at Seijar: 3/5

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