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Here is a city which location is consolidated since a few years. Biblical scholars are very careful of it because it's in the Bible with the name of a Pharaoh "Ramses", which was close to the long hieroglyphic designation "The house-to-Ramses beloved-Amon".

A the beginning of the excavations of Pierre Montet in the municipality of Sân el-Hagar, regarding the quantity of finds relating to Ramses II, the latter believed to have found Pi-Ramesses. But the excavations of Manfred Bietak on Tell el-Daba and the city of Qantir have reveal, on a branch of the Nile dried up now, a vast area of about 18 km2 corresponding to Pi-Ramesses with a great palace which walls is spread over more than 500 meters square, barracks of the famous cavalry of this pharaoh, and a temple of Amun. While the city of Avaris, considered as an area of the Ramesside capital, was located further south with its temple of Seth.

Because of the drying up of the Pelusiac branch of the Nile Pi-Ramesses was abandoned towards the end of the twentieth dynasty for Tanis, which itself had an access to the sea.

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My notes of veracity :

Pi-Ramesses was located on the Tell el-Daba and the city of Qantir: 3/5

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