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Gurob is located at the entrance of Fayoum, about 95 km south of Cairo, on the present village of Kom Medinet Ghurob. Petrie, in the late 19th century, had excavated the site at the same time as that of El-Lahun and the pyramid of Senusret II located at a few kilometers.

In its report "Kahun, Gurob and Hawara" the discoverer claimed that this city was founded by Thutmose III, as this corresponds to the most ancient finds, including 6 scarabs, among a set of objects dated from the second part of new Empire.

A village was occupied it until the end of the New Kingdom. The discoverer claimed he had mainly be occupied by foreigners because of the discovery of abundant potsherds "Phoenician, Greek and Cypriot" mixed with locally made artifacts, especially from the Ramses II reign.

Tombs, including that of Anen-Tursha and that of Sadi-amia, appeared to him as "Etruscan" and "Hittite".

There was found a papyrus mentioning Maathorneferure, known on a stele as a daughter of the Hittite king Hattusili III married to Ramses II. This foreign princess is also mentioned as been withdrawn in the harem of Mi-wer.

That's why Gurob is now identified to the Miwer harem. This name, which means "Grand Canal", appears for some researchers to be the origin of the Greek name "Moeris" of the Lake of Fayoum.

A team of archaeologists from the Universities of Liverpool and Copenhagen took over the excavation of this site since 2005, mainly with two objectives: to map the scene and collect surface debris. Their findings, abundant, confirm the presence, however, largely minority, of Canaanite, Cypriot and Mycenaean potteries. Some imitations were manufactured locally.

The team identified, along a canal which is now disapeared, a palace, perhaps the harem or the temple of Tuthmosis III, a fort and a factory consisting of two furnaces of 3 meters in diameter, probably the unit of production of glass objects of the site.

Note the exhumation of 17 tombs which have yielded linen clothes, some decorated with light blue stripes that recall the color of the royal medieval.

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My notes of veracity :

Gurob was the Mir-wer harem of the New Kingdom: 3/5

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