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Atfih is a big city in Egypt, about 80 km south of Cairo, in the Al Minya Valley. The ancient site is located east of the modern city. It includes various cemeteries. In the early 20th century various tombs have been excavated, including one with a cow and a monument dedicated to a sacred cow. This enabled W. Spiegelberg in 1920 identify this town as being Aphroditopolis mentioned by Strabo. In Roman times, many cities of the same name are identified in Egypt.

The cemetery of sacred cows, called Hésateum, was confirmed there thirty years ago by excavations of the Department of Antiquities of Egypt and Cairo University.

The Egyptian name is Per-Nebet tep-ihou (pr-nb.t-tp-jhw, Tepihou as short name), which means "field of the mistress, first of the cows", referring to Hathor. This became Petpeh in Coptic. Herodotus mentions this city under the name of Atarbéchis.

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My notes of veracity :

Atfih was Aphroditopolis in Greek: 4/5

Atfih was designated "Tepihou" in the hieroglyphics: 3/5

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