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Jean-François Champollion was one of the first European to have visited the ruins of the site of Tod, at the opposite of Armant, on the other side of the Nile in Upper Egypt. He followed Danville in the Greek name of this site : Tuphium, mentioned by the geographer Ptolemy. This name is accepted. In 1934, Fernand Bisson of the Roque found there an "Asian" treasure.

The current name of the city probably comes from Thoth, Thutmose III, who is the builder of a sacred boat dedicated to Montu.

The oldest ruins are dated from the 5th Dynasty. The city seems to have had its heyday in the Middle Kingdom, with the building of the Temple of Montu. In the latter, it has been found a very destroyed column of text which was be read "beloved by Montu, lord of Djerty". It is on the basis of that single mention that the old hieroglyphic name of Djerty was gived to this city.

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My notes of veracity :

Tod, the Greek Tuphium: 3/5

Tod, the hieroglyphic name of Djerty: 2/5

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