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Nuffer is located 160 km at the south of Baghdad. The site was excavated by archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania and the Oriental Institute of Chicago. Human occupation is attested there from 5000 BC until the Islamic period.

It was a religious and intellectual city, which, therefore, has not played a political role. It would have counted more than a hundred temples. Archaeological excavations have uncovered a vast complex dedicated to Goddesses Ba'u and Gula.

30 000 tablets was found. Many of them date from the 6th century B.C. Also the knowledge of the previous history of the town comes mainly from tablets on other sites that Niffer. Indeed, the cult of Enlil at Nippur was known to all of the country of Mesopotamia. The overlap with some inscriptions on vases or threshold stones found in Niffer ensure that the city was well-known as "Nippur" during the ancient times.

Tablets showed that Nippur has formed scribes. For the calculation of reverse, surfaces and volumes, they used the sexagesimal system:

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Niffer (or Nuffer) is the ancient city of Nippur : 5/5

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