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The city of Kadesh was the place of a battle between the Hittites of Muwatalli II and the Egyptians led by Ramses II.

The Tell Nebi Mend is located in Syria, 25 km southwest of Homs, on the west bank of the Orontes River, not far from the Lebanese border. We knew its ancient Roman name, Laodicea ad Libanum and we already suspected about this city's name during the Bronze Age because it was called Qadas under Saladin. The tell excavations have found 5 Akkadian cuneiform tablets. The mention of "Kinza" or "Qinsa" which is the Hittite name of Kadesh, confirmed that it was indeed the famous town whose the battle adorned the monuments of Karnak and Luxor.

In the Amarna letters, the city is called Kissa, Qinsa or Qidsu and Etakkama is the king, in war against the king Aziru of Amurru. The city is clearly located in the country of Amqu, which is an exclusively geographical grouping. The successor of Suppiluliama in the Hatti, Mursili, has faced a rebellion of Nuhasse and Kadesh. The texts of that time still evoke together Nuhasse and Kadesh, as if the two countries were close: Kuranta in charge of this conflict for the Hittites, recalls the end of the rebellion in Nuhasse, looting of its territory and restoring Kadesh under Hittite control.

This city was located on the border of two empires: it belonged to the country of Amqu when it was Egyptian, Nuhasse when it was Hittite.

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Kinza, Qinsa, Qidsu or Kadesh was located at the tell Nebi Mend: 4/5

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