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Dendera is a city of Egypt along the Nile, about 60 km north of ancient Thebes. This site is best known for its temple, the best preserved of Egypt dedicated to Hathor, which dates from the Ptolemaic and Roman times, at the beginning of our era. However, experts believe that this temple exists and has been constantly renovated since the Old Kingdom. It would be at the origin of the names designating the place.


The modern name, Dendera, or Dendarah, comes from the or Greek name "Tantarer" or "Tentyris" which itself comes from the name of the first temple of the place named "Ant" or "Ta-Ynt-netert" which means "Her of the divine pillars".

It must be emphasized here, unusually for an Egyptian city, that the Greek name, the Egyptian name and the current Arabic name follow the same logic as elsewhere out of Egypt: the name became independent of languages.

The city was the capital of the 6th nome of Upper Egypt.

This is a very well preserved site that gives a good idea of what was an Egyptian city of the Bronze Age:

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My notes of veracity :

Tentyris was the Greek name of the present city of Dendera: 5/5

Ta-ynt-netert is the former hieroglyphic name of Dendarah: 4/5

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