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The Tell Beydar is a site of 22 hectares along a small river that flows into the Khabur, northeast of the current country of Syria.

The excavations were conducted in 1991, by a team of Belgian-French archaeologists under the direction of Marc Lebeau. Since 2011, it is a Euro-Syrian team which took over. They show a flourishing city of the third millennium BC, from 2900 to 2100.

250 tablets or fragments of tablets in Akkadian there were found from 1993. According to them, the name of the city was "Nabatium". This name appears twice in the archives of Ebla as a city of the country of Nagar.

The city administered the around villages. A man, often absent, was at his head.

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My notes of veracity :

Tell Beydar was the ancient city of Nabada: 3/5

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