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The ruins of Coptos are in the middle of the town of Qift, Egypt. This city is a Nile port at the entrance of Wadi Hammamat, which is the valley to join the Red Sea.

The site has never been excavated in depth: Maspero, Petrie and various American, Egyptian and Australian teams have found mostly buildings of the Greco-Roman era and various objects that show, however, a continuous occupation since the pre-dynastic. This is also what appears to Wadi Hammamat, where careers and graffiti show strong human activity during the three Empires Egyptians.

Since 2002, a French archaeological mission works at Coptos

Les temples of Isis and Min show that they were the main deities venerated.

In 1910, Reinach and Weill have exhumed seven large steles from the end of the Old Kingdom and the beginning of the first interim period, called "Coptos decrees." They referred to a Temple of Min in Gebtu, the prefecture of the Two Hawks. Other documents show that the city was the capital of the fifth nome of Upper Egypt.

Probably by deformation of the former name, the Greeks called this city Koptos.

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My notes of veracity :

Coptos or Koptos, is the ancient Greco-Roman city located at Qift: 5/5

Gebtu is the former hieroglyphic name of Qift: 5/5

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