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Archaeology has shown that Tell el-Moutesellim was inhabited from 7000 to 500 BC. J.-C.

The first excavations of this tell were carried out between 1903 and 1905 by Gottlieb Schumacher for the German Society for Oriental Research. Then, under the leadership of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, a second campaign of excavations spreads from 1925 until World War II. They established 20 levels of housing.

The most important findings are exhibited at the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Yigael Yadin has lead the excavations during year 1960. Since 1994, "The Megiddo Expedition" of Tel Aviv University, headed by Israel Finkelstein and David Ussishkin, is in charge of the excavations, with the collaboration of a consortium of international universities.

The city is best known for the famous battle fought by Thutmose III. We must remember that the opponents were allies of the King of Kadesh. They had managed to enter the city before the arrival of Egyptian troops.

The mayor of Magidda, Biridiya, is the author of Amarna letters: these are references EA242 EA248 and EA365. In the last letter are mentioned the cities of Yapu and Nuribda. These are towns that have provided the labor to ensure agricultural chores. We can deduce that at the time of Akhenaten, Maggida depended of the country of Upi. And crops in question must be those which were decided as returning to Egypt by Thutmose III over a century earlier.

Not far away, the site of Taanach - also cited in the annals of the Battle of Megiddo as one of the three possible paths of the Egyptian army - has delivered a number of other letters in Akkadian, some have been dated to the time of Amenhotep II, around 1500 BC. Many researchers believe that this pharaoh is referred to as Amanhatpa. Tablet TT5 mentions Magidda as its probable base. But was it a temporary residence or his principal residence? In the latter case, the city would then be of major importance, and probably constitutes the capital of the country.

The location of Tell el-Moutesellimi at Megiddo is justified by its presence on TT5 of Taanach and the Amarna letters.

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The site of Tell el-Moutesellimi was the city of Megiddo: 3/5

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