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Kathleen Kenyon has conducted archaeological excavations at the Tell es-Sultan between 1952 and 1958. She considers the initial settlement date of the site in the eighth millennium BC. AD In fact, the city has been active since the Natufian (from the tenth millennium) to the Middle Bronze.

She discovered fortifications and a neolithic tower of 8m in diameter and 8m height. It was connected to a wall of 4m thick.

Tell Es-Sultan has good water sources: in ancient times, the city should be independent on this point.

Different Hyksos scarabs were found there. Archaeologists believe that Jericho was a flourishing city in the Early Bronze Age and between 1800 and 1500 BC. It was abandoned in 1400, after becoming a small town without a wall, probably under the domination of its neighbor, Jerusalem, with which it may have been confused: the second has become important following the decline of the first.

This is why the city is not mention in the Amarna letters, unlike Jerusalem then called "Urusalim".

A scarab of Amenhotep III has been found in eleven copies in different places. It describes a digging of a basin to Djaroukha (J. Yoyotte). It evokes Tiye, his wife. Yuya, his father, was from Djaroukha.

Before the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, the tomb of Yuya and Touiyou was the most fabulous discovery of Egypt. It was conducted in 1905 by Arthur Weigall. Theodore M. Davis published a description of the tomb and the funerary papyrus of Iouiya. Moreover, H. R. Hall, in 1913, played in a bowl in blue faience that Yuya also bore the title of "Prince of Djahi". The location of this country of Djahi is not unanimous. What is certain is that it is mentioned in Egyptian hieroglyphs especially towards the beginning of the New Kingdom. Some see a former name of Phoenicia, other a country south of the Retenu. Perhaps a previous name of Upi or a country south of Upi.

Egyptologists were then asked about the origin of the occupants: many indications showed Syrian origin. The location proposed here is in line with this first intuition.


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My notes of veracity :

Djarukha is the ancient name of the present city of Jericho: 2.5 / 5

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