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Tel Hazor, also known as Tell al-Qadah, with a 12-hectare surface shows a lower town and an upper town.

This site is north of the lake of Tiberias, in the current country of Israel. In 1926, John Garstang was the first to undertake excavations. They continued by a team led by Y. Yadin, between 1955 and 1958 and in 1968.

Excavations resumed in 1990 under the direction of Amon Ben-Tor. The results are published in five volumes by the Israel Exploration Society. They show that the upper town was occupied from the Early Bronze Age until the eighth century BC. Some fortifications were erected around 1800 BC. The city suffered of destructions around 1550 BC The lower part was extended over 80 hectares in the thirteenth century BC.

Some mycenaean potteries have been found, they are contemporary of Akhenaten. The city is considered to be called "Hasura" in four Amarna letters. In EA148, the king of Tyre informs the Pharaoh of Egypt that the king of Hasura has abandoned his house and aligned himself with the Apiru. He asked the pharaoh to be concerned about the servants of the palace (a palace in Hasura). And he says the pharaoh can learn more from his commissioner in Canaan. Which shows that Hasura was in the land of Canaan.

In the archives of Mari, the city appears in TH.72.16: it is the evocation of a Hazor blacksmith who took refuge in Emar with silver, gold and precious stones.

Some researchers believe that this city is mentioned in texts from Ugarit, particularly in RS 20.255 as the residence of a king, under the name of Ansura with the city of Laish. In this case, I think this city was called in the same way, Anzura in the Hittite texts. Particularly in the text KUB XLVIII 106 which is a palace intrigue about a queen Katteshapi (which I consider to be Hatshepsut in Egypt) while King Tuthaliya (which is, according to my research, Thutmose III) resident in Kizzuwatna ( during the regency of Hashepsout) Anzura is the place where a queen (probably Satiah called Nikalmati in the country of the Hittites) must delivred his son.

Other places of Syria-Palestine are possible for Ansura.

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My notes of veracity :

Hazor was the city named "Hasura" in Akkadian: 4/5

Hazor was the city designated "Ansura" or "Anzura" in the texts of Ugarit and those of the Hittites: 2/5

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