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At a height of 75 m, the tell Hanaton is located on the Via Maris route in the current country of Israel. He was not searched: only a survey allowed to know that the site was created during the Middle Bonze âge.

The city of Hinata is mentioned in the letter EA8 of Amarna (from the king of Babylon to the king of Egypt) as the place of a murdered of merchants. The city of Akka also appears there. A second letter, EA245, evokes Hinnatuna and Surata, the mayor of Akka.

The geographical proximity to Akka, but also the phonetic similarity of Hinnatuna with Hannathon are both reconciliation criteria.

Researchers have hypothesized a connection with the name of Akhenaten: it may be that the city was founded around the time of the reign of that pharaoh.

About 720 BC., The Assyrians Nineveh texts mention destroying Hanaton with five other cities.

The significant geographical indication is that this place is indicated as being in the land of Canaan, while cities further south, including that of Megiddo, were around 1350 BC, in the country of Upi.


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My notes of veracity :

Hanaton was the city designated Hinnatuna in Akkadian: 4/5

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