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In Latin, the city of Damas was called Damascus, which is similar to its Arabic name: Damaskus.

Damas is known from the Amarna letters written in Akkadian and found in Egypt, in a very close denomination "Dimasqu". The city was the capital of the country of Upi. Biryawaza there was the king. The latter appears in eleven tablets: a letter from the king of Babylon to Pharaoh mentions him as the author of a caravans hijacking.

The presence of a tell near the city, that of Ramad, lived between 6000 and 5000 BC, led some archaeologists to tell that Damascus is the oldest inhabited city in the world without interruption. The permanence of houses, constantly rebuilt with local materials reused, has also had the disadvantage of not knowing its history by archaeological digs.

The Bible and the Assyrian annals allow to have a good knowledge of different leaders in Damascus between 1000 and 600 BCE.

A country of Upi / Opi is mentioned in Mesopotamian texts of the 3rd millennium BC: the Mesopotamian scholars have made it a city-state between the two rivers, at Tell el-Oheimir, based on neo-Assyrian texts and the mention of a city of Opis in this region during the conquests of Alexander the Great. But, to me, the archaeological evidence is far to confirms the existence of that city at Tell el-Oheimir during the 3rd millennium BC.


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Damas was the city designated "Dimasqu" in Akkadian: 5/5

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