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Akhmim in Egypt lies along the Nile, 130 km south of Assiut, near Sohag. In the lists of districts, the town is mentioned capital of the 9th nome of Upper Egypt, called Minu, because there worshiped the god Min.

In antiquity, the city itself was called Khent-Menu, meaning "cliff Min" or "Hut-Menu" which means "House Min." These hieroglyphic names appear, after phonetic distortions, quite plausible. The Copts of the region called it "Khmim".

There has recently been found at the entrance of the temple of Min, a statue of 11 meters high representative of Meritamun, daughter and Great Royal Wife of Ramesses II:

Less known, three cemeteries have been excavated on the outskirts of Akhmim:

Herodotus called this city "Chemmis of the Theban nome". He saw a statue of Persé. During the Greco-Roman period it became Panopolis, the city of Pan. The Greeks, probably later, have assimilated Pan to Min. Plutarch, probably referring to Herodotus, continued to designate it, like him, "Chemmis".

The name of Ipu was also given to this town based on hieroglyphic texts of the finds made in the necropolis which often refer to "Min, Lord of Ipu" while the same Min at Coptos is lord of "deserts of the east".

Maybe the Min temple was therefore called Ipu. On many Egyptian sites there was a name for the temple and another to the town, often separated from the religious place. But perhaps, the god was originates from another place, Yapu towards the eastern desert.

It is, therefore, necessary to distinguish between Yapu, which is the city of Jaffa of the country of Upi in the Amarna letters and Ipu, place of worship of Min in Middle Egypt.

On the pylons of Karnak which list the towns under Egyptian rule at the time of Thutmose III is a city of Ipu: there, Egyptologists agree to consider it the Jaffa city. And so we are in the presence of two homonymous cities.

Amenemope son of Kanakht, who wrote "The teachings of Amenemope" is originated from Ipu. But there, also, remains a doubt as he said to own a pyramid west of Sanu. In his days Sanou was the important city of Tanis. Egyptologists believe that Sanou or Senout is another name of Akhmim.

A recent discovery of a temple of Atum in the city of Akhmim, with scenes that evoke plenty of "Ipu" hasn't closed the issue:

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My notes of veracity :

Khent-menu, or Hut-menu, is the former name of Akhmim: 5/5

Ipu is a former name of Akhmim: 2,5/5

Chemmis is the Greek name before the Greco-Roman period, from Akhmim: 4/5

Panopolis is the Greek name of the Greco-Roman period, from Akhmim: 4/5

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