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A city was called Akka in the Amarna tablets, around 1350 BCE. That name appears in the texts of Tell Bi'a, and also in those of Emar, etched into the first part of the 2nd millennium BC.

This name is considered to be the current city of Akko, Acre or Saint John of Acre during the Crusades. There would have been found up to 176 Egyptian Seals, and numerous scarabs. During the summer of 1954, north of the city, under the leadership of Mr Dothan, the archaeological service of Israel reached a semi-circular building, dating from the 18th or 17th century BC.

The tell Harbadj shows an occupancy across the bronze age. The city was surrounded by a wall. As Damascus, Acre has been constantly inhabited and therefore, it has never revealed all of its archaeological layers.

The name of the bronze age is consolidated with its presence in the Old Testament under the name of Acco.

At the time of the Ptolemies of Egypt it was temporarily renamed “Ptolemaïs”, when it enjoyed a certain prosperity. But the old name was kept in memory, and is "Acre" thereafter.

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Acre is the city called Akka in the Amarna tablets: 4/5

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