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This is a site where there are abundant identifiers, but without convergence towards the same name.

The tell Rimah is located in the Nineveh region, west of Mosul in the current country of Iraq. It was excavated from 1964 to 1971 by a team of the "British School of Archaeology in Iraq" led by David Oates.

In 1967, a stele of Adad-nirari III has been found showing that the Neo-Assyrian name of the site was "Zamahu".

In 1968, out of context, it's a foundation plate which was found with a writing showing that Sarrum-Kima-kalima son of Aniskibal, built a palace in Razama. However, this finding was not isolated, many seals of different rulers were also exhumed.

Finally, many tablets were extracted from various rooms of the palace. Especially :

  • ten letters for Hatnu-rapi or Hatnu-rabi ;

  • a lady Iltani abundant correspondence, including exchanges with Aqba-Hammu, her husband, who seems mostly traveling or in Karana;

  • fifty tablets near a temple;

  • a set of texts referring to the management of wine and beer.

The identification of the town was difficult. It was compounded by the fact that there were two names most mentioned : Qattara and Karana.

A few years later, a new set of tablets of Mari has show that Hatnu-rabi was a king of Qattara. M.7259 tell us that under Zimri-Lim, he was relieved of all responsibility on Karana in favor of Asqur-Addu.

I think that Karana is a city "sister" like the couple "Assur / Kanes'. A letter from Aqba-Hammu indicates that tablets were displaced from Karana, located three days of travel from the main place of residence Iltani lady, Qattara.

A dozen texts are referring to the management of the wine and beer, specifying the inputs or the outputs of the stock of Qattara. These tablets had no interest to be displaced and well show that the Tell Rimah was the ancient city of Qattara.

Probably the master of the palace, Aqba-Hammu had a commercial activity related to the road products with today Afghanistan.

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My notes of veracity :

The Tell Rimah was the city of Qattara: 4/5

The Tell Rimah was the city of Karana: 2/5

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