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Following the excavations conducted by Claudio Gallazzi of the University of Milan, Tebtunis is best known for the discovery of many Papyrus of Ptolemaic and Roman periods.

This archaeological site is located at the town of Tell Umm el-Baragat or Umm el-Breigâ in the southeast of Fayum. The god Sobek was worshiped there under the name of Sobek lord of Tebtynis or Sobek-Neb-Tynis, hence the demotic and Greek names of Soknebtynis. But the hieroglyphic old name of the inhabited area is Tepten who gave his name to the village of Tutun nearby.

The results show no previous constructions than the 8th century BCE. But all the ruins, large, have not all been excavated and documents relate at least a temple of the 12th dynasty.

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My notes of veracity :

Tebtynis was the Greek name of the ruins of Tell Umm el-Baragat: 4/5

Tebten was the hieroglyphic name of the ruins of Tell Umm el-Baragat: 3/5

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