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The texts found at Tell Rimah - now largely accepted as the site of Qattara - show that Karana was a city "sister" of Qattara, like the couple « Assur / Kanes ». Qattara is admitted in Assyrian towns but not Karana:

A letter from Aqba-Hammu also indicates that the tablets were displaced from Karana, located three days of travel from the main place of residence Iltani lady, Qattara. In the archives of Mari, the city is sometimes called "Numhum-Karana." Which places it in the Numha at least during a certain period, to the northwest of the current country of Iran.

There is a Kurdish town of that name, Qarana or Qarna in the province of West Azerbaijan. This place is located 8 kilometers southwest of Naqadeh in the Solduz Valley, which is characterized by the presence of many tells. Most likely for Karana is the one called "Garnah tepe" which, in fact, is the very foundation of the village of Qarna or Qarana built on a mound. In the book "Hasanlu V: The Late Bronze and Iron I Periods" from Michael D. Danti, this site is listed from the end of the Iron Age. But probably its location, in a village inhabited, did not allow sufficient investigation.

Ya'Ilanum, Hasidanum, Hatnu-rabi (or Hadnu-rabi) and Askur-Addu are different kings of Karana known in the archives of Mari. The letters I 41 and IV 33 clearly show that the Karana region fell into the hands of Samsi-Addu after the victory of the army led by his son (Isme-Dagan) to Tutarum against the clan Ya'ilanum. Samsi-Addu then imposed Hasidanum as king of Karana. Latter it was Hatnu-rabi, without knowing how: probably he conquered Karana when Mariote power crumbled at the death of Samsi-Addu. But Zimri-Lim had preferred Askur- Addu on Karana. Indeed, the tablet A.1025 tell us that Hatnu-rabi had not chosen the right camp but had followed the Turukkéens. A.649 shows that the latters, although very powerful, feared Zazzum king of Gutis.

Karana area has always been under the threat of powerful enemies. For example, under Zimri-Lim, tensions with the city of Andarig of Yamutbal not far, were resolved by a treaty between the kings Atamrum (King of Allahad and Andarig) and Askur-Addu. The place of the agreement was on the border between Numha, Karana and High-Yamutbal.

To me, the geographical position of Karana and Andarig, to the northwest of the current countries of Iran, is confirmed by the XIV 109 Mari tablet which reports from Isme-Sin of Azuhinnum: "Qarni-Lim took grain from Subat-Enlil and bring it to Andarig. He had arrived in Zunnanum and when he had to cross the ridge, he found himself facing the coalition forces of Hammurabi of Kurda and Hadnu-rabi ready to fight. They said: « Evacuate Zurra if you want we are not at war »." Zunnahum is probably the present village of Zinu, Iraq, opposite the current Iranian city of Piranshahr.


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My notes of veracity :

Karana was the tell Garnah Tepe, the village of Qarna in Iran: 3/5

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