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In XXVI 419 of the archives of Mari, it is said that Hamadanum is situated in the country of Numhâ. Obviously, given our earlier findings on the country of Numha and the city Kurda, locating Hamadanum is obvious: it is the present city of Hamedan in Iran.

But this assertion is far from certain!

To date, it is believed that the name of the present city of Hamedan, comes from the name "Hegmataneh", which is Ecbatana.

Yet the place name "Amadana" clearly appears to be in Iran in an inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I, to the 12th century BC: "I crossed the mountains of Elam: Amadana and Ushish, Sherabeli and Tarhuna, Tirkahuli and Kisra, Tarhanabe (Tarnib) and Elula (Eluhhut), Hashtarae and Shahishara (Susarra), Ubera and Miliadruni, Shulanzi and Nubanashe, and Susa in sixteen huge mountains."

However, according to the annals of Ashurnasirpal II, there is also a city of Amadanu towards the sources of the Tigris.

During the Assyrian New Empire, Tiglath-Pileser III reports the city of Bit-Hamban in the country of Namri. However, citing the countries furthest to the east, his son Sargon mentions the Medes, the country Namri, the country of Ellipi, Bit-Hamban, Parsua, Manna and Urartu. Bit-Hamban is present outside the country of Namri.

Curiously, Bit-Hamban, is phoneticaly further that from the current name as that of the Mari archives « Hamadanum ». Perhaps it is a similar process to that of Gaul cities that have refound their Gallic names at the fall of the Roman Empire. The place names are retained within the local population, even if the invaders are trying to impose others.

The latest excavations of the site of Hegmataneh show a very old city:

Hamadan is a very large city. Its current limites incorporate several former tells. I think one of them is causing the current name of the city and that of "Hegmataneh" is probably the ancient Ecbatana.


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My notes of veracity :

Hamadanum, Amadana and Bit-Hamban were the present city of Hamadan, Iran: 3/5

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