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The site of Amarna is located halfway between Cairo and Luxor on the east side of the Nile.

This is one of Egypt's best-known site because of the lack of contemporary living and the number of excavations.

No wall, the layout of the city is unusual, four or five kilometers long and 800 meters wide. Most buildings were located along one of the three parallel roads, crossing all Amarna.

Among the major archeologic findings, we must mention the bust of Nefertiti, whose authenticity is still being discussed and near 300 cuneiform tablets discovered in 1887 by accident, which constitute a major source of this blog.

The hieroglyphs show that the capital of Akhenaton, Akhetaton, which means the "horizon of Aton" was chosen by the king even, on a virgin site because he did not want there to be any other god that Aton.

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My notes of veracity :

el-Amarna was the capital of Akhenaton, called Akhetaton: 5/5

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