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Andarig is well documented in the archives of Mari, but also in those of Tell Leilan and Tell Al Rimah. Lim-Qarni, Atamrum, Himdiya and Burija are successive kings of Andarig.

According IV 31, Karana and Nurrugûm are close to Andarig. This is a letter that mentions, by mistake, a double fire in the region and the need to inform all troups armed, "Make writing tablets for the whole country (Mari countries ), for the country of Andarig, including district of Nurrugum and Hasidanum ... ". The country of Andarig there appears outside that of Mari, but neighboring or controlling two districts, Karana, Hasidanum is its king, and that of Nurrugum well documented in the archives of the tell Shemsharah. This same observation is in II 41 "Atamrum departed Subat-Enlil, he is still inside the country en route to Andarig". Subat-Enlil is in the country (Mari), but not Andarig.

A.3757 also shows a constant rivalry between Numha, close, and the country of Andarig supported by Mari kings. This is a report of a speech of Hammurabi of Kurda at Kasapa: "Historically, Zimri-Lim never came to the aid of Numha. At the time of Lim-Qarni, he rode to the rescue of the rebellion; at the time of Atamrum, again. If he comes back today, it is to help Himdiya. Now, once the Babylonians have joined forces to mine, I will declare war at the Bensimalite (to Zimri-Lim himself).Indeed strong links have been forged between Andarig and Mari: two daughters of Zimri-Lim who married the king of Andarig, Atamrum. This is the tablet of one of them, Inbatum, which teaches us that Andarig was the capital of Yamutbal.

To me, the geographical position of Andarig, northwest of the current country of Iran, is confirmed by the XIV 109 Mari tablet. It's a report of Isme-Sin of Azuhinnum "Lim-Qarni took grain from Subat-Enlil, to bring it to Andarig. He had arrived in Zunnanum and when he had to cross the ridge, he found himself facing the coalition forces of Hammurabi of Kurda and Hadnu-rabi ready to fight. They said: "Get out of Zurra if you want we are not at war." Zunnahum is the present village of Zinu, Iraq, just opposite the current Iranian city of Piranshahr. The pass of Kelishin that separates the two municipalities was actually a crossing widely used: from the 6th millennium BC, the traces of the culture of Hassuna and pottery from Ubaid and Uruk ones find themselves to the both sides of the mountain peak. And probably Zurra is a city that gave its name to the most eastern mountains of Sinjar, now Jebel Ishkaft: Zara.

Qarni-Lim, king of Andarig, is mentioned in the archives of Mari and in those of Tell Leilan. He had a palace in Subat-Enlil, which explains its frequent presence in either of the two cities.

Atamrum was first known as Viceroy of Eshnunna, when the emperor of Elam is imposed on this country. But following the withdrawal of Elam, he was a single king of Allahad. He grabbed Andarig at the death of Lim-Qarni. He was the son of Warad-Sin, who seems to have previously exercised the power to Andarig.


I set this city on the site of Fahraqah or Fakhriqah, near the ruined village of Andarqash in Iran, 18 km of Mahabad, north of Eyriqash.

Although the location is not confirmed by archeology, this assumption seems to make more sense than the tell Khoshi, south of the mountains of Sinjar.

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My notes of veracity :

Andarig was around the ruined village of Andarqash Iran: 3/5

Andarig was the tell Khoshi: 2/5

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