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In Egypt, 70 km north of Thebes, the site of Abydos is located in the municipality of Madfounek, about ten kilometers from the Nile. This is a place where the river begins to spread over a wider floodplain. The ancient city was likely to be linked by a canal.

Strabo and Pliny knew the Egyptian city of Abydos. They situated both the town in Thébaïde. The location of the ruins appears to have crossed the ages since it was already known by the Napoleonic expedition.

It is a vast area of ​​archaeological excavations still underway, with a lot of potential, whose oldest remains date from the pre-dynastic. Sovereigns of the three Empires have left monuments. This town has existed since the 4th millennium BC.

The importance of Abydos is linked to his royal necropolis of Umm el-Qa'ab.

The oldest tomb is dated about 150 years before the beginning of the first dynasty, the Scorpion King one, with a scepter of ivory, and contained more than 700 wine jars. The Lebanese origin is proven.

The presence of the remains of the founding rulers in many funeral monuments, has promoted this place of worshipfrom during the Middle Kingdom. The tomb of King Djer was transformed into cenotaph of Osiris, Osiris became Khentimentyou. Various shrines and chapels of Sesostris III, Ahmose, Ramses 1 Seti 1, Ramses II ... show that Abydos became a religious city.

Abdju is the name of this town in Egyptian hieroglyphic, almost phonetically similar to the Greek name. The words "Ab-Djou" mean "Hill of Ab" or "Ab sepulcher" were found in the tombs of the pharaohs Den and Qaa.

Also, many experts consider that Abydos designates only the cemetery and not far, was the city of This or Thinis, the capital of the two first dynasty of pharaohs. But no archaeological evidence has yet been provided.

When seeking the "Abydos" designation in a dictionary of ancient times, there are two cities:

  • The city of Upper Egypt where is celebrated the Khentimentaiou god,

  • The Greek one, a Mysie town on the Hellespont, founded by the Pelasgians according to Pliny,

This same name for two ancient cities is just a coincidence?

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My notes of veracity :

Abydos, Abdju, a religious city of the ancient Egyptians, in the municipality of Madfounek: 5/5

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